ACO Hexaline



Load class: A15

Material: Plastic - Polypropylene

Types of channel: without slope

Inside width: 100 mm.


Load class: A15

Material: Plastic - Polypropylene, galvanized steel painted in anthracite or  red.

Advantages of the system:

-Low height: 7.8 cm

-Easy to install

-Eight connectivity
to sewers in one channel 

-Ease of cutting channel and grate using a hand saw

-Affordable price

ACO_Hexaline.pdf (39.51 KB) ACO_Hexaline.pdf




ACO Hexaline channel 1m



Channel and grate made of black polipropylen.

Length: 100 cm.

Width: 12.5 cm.

Height: 7.8 cm.


ACO Hexaline corner element


Element to perpendicular channels connection.


ACO Hexaline channel with slotted frame 1m
Channel with slotted frame of black plastic. The gap width of 2 cm.

Suitable for ankle height of 6 or 8 cm.

Length: 100 cm.

Width: 10 cm.

Height: 13.8 cm.


ACO Hexaline accessory kit


Accessory kit includes:

-2 endcaps


-Outflow connector  DN 100

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