Electric floor boxes

They are used in places where access for telephone lines and electrical outlets is necessary in the floor. The box can be used in public buildings, stores, industrial buildings, warehouses, and wherever periodically runs trading stands or is need to connect a particular device.

For production stainless steel V2A or V4A is used. The body is made of
sheet of 2 mm
thick, the cover lid with a sheet of 5 mm.
All components are welded in argon then etched and protected against corrosion. The box is equipped with a sealing cover, satin bolting and openable lid. It provides easy access to the interior of the box without removing the cover. The closure system secures the lid from opening box by unauthorized persons.
We made single-chamber boxes SK1, double-chamber SK2, and multi-chamber for individual customer request. We can adjust the dimensions.



Floor Box SK1
Exterior dimensions: 168x300 mm.

Interior dimensions: 114x242 mm.

Height: 70 mm.
236,29 €
Floor Box SK2
Exterior dimensions: 300x300 mm.

Interior dimensions: 242x242 mm.

Height: 70 mm.
443,45 €
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We also made floor boxes on custom order. Please contact our sales department.

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