Release blocks

Groundwater supply by ACO Stormbrixx drainage system.

ACO Stormbrixx a modular system of plastic deodorant which may be part of the stormwater retention and/or attenuation element. His base are primary segments, which adds up with the smart switches, to give the whole system a permanent structure.

Advantages of the system:

-Highest load capacity by laying "on the tab".

-Ability to easier maintenance and inspection of the installation at any time.

Economic and ecological in terms of carbon dioxide emissions, easy transportation and convenience items on the site.

-Ability to gradually putting rainwater to drain or collector.

Drainage system can act as a retention element - collects
and stops rainwater,  then gradually and under control return it to the sewer.




Release blocks ACO Stormbrixx
Drainage ACO Stormbrixx supports the natural water cycle, because thanks to him, rainfall rather than run down the paved surface are retained in place of their occurrence, are gradually releases to the ground. Acting as a block relesase system, it allows the gradual passing of rainwater into the ground in a place where there was rain. This facilitates the flow of groundwater and also relieves the existing storm water drainage systems.

Another advantage of the system is its local operation flood , which is the temporary retention and controlled passing of rainwater. It also allows for the elimination of fees for drainage of rain water into sewerage, which in almost all regions are subject to statutory increases. ACO Stormbrixx release
remains of rainwater on the property .

Drainage ACO Stormbrixx, under the ACO system chain contributes significantly to support the natural water cycle.

A full description of the system:
ACO_Stormbrixx.pdf (2.60 MB) ACO_Stormbrixx.pdf ACO_Stormbrixx.pdf (2.60 MB) ACO_Stormbrixx.pdf

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