ACO ShowerDrain E


ACO ShowerDrain E Series features a contemporary design and excellent functionality. The base is a high-quality stainless steel, used in the manufacture of the channel body and the grate. Steel parts are welded to prevent the risk of leakage. The inside siphon is made of polypropylene. Series has a large selection of grates to allow subsequent change in the appearance of the room through their exchange on the other type. All channels ACO ShowerDrain E are electrochemically polished. This provides a surface finish to a high gloss. Polishing creates a shiny , non-porous surface which reduces the need for cleaning and maintenance to a minimum.

Channels ACO ShowerDrain E are produced in two heights :

-105 Mm. with outlet DN 50

-80 Mm. with outlet DN 40

Channel width : 84 mm . without a flange .

It has leveling feets for easy installation .

ShowerDrain E has a wide selection of grates:  stainless steel, to fill with  tiles, tempered glass and minerals materials.


We also produce a specific client projects (specific lengths , shapes, and more outflows) 



ShowerDrain E
Channels ACO ShowerDrain E are produced in two heights:

-105 mm. with outlet DN 50

-80 mm. with outlet DN 40

Available lengths: 70, 80, 90, 100, 120 cm.

Channel width: 84 mm. without a flange.

It has leveling feets for easy installation.

It is possible to select an appropriate combination of horizontal and vertical flanges in order to best fit your bathroom.


We also produce specific clients projects (specific lengths, shapes, and more outflows).
ShowerDrain E  Lightline
Lighting set for shower channels ACO ShowerDrain E with stainless steel grates. Turns on automatically when in contact with water.

The kit consists of 2 LED modules and one low-voltage charger. 
Modules are removed from the channel to charge, so there is no need to pull the electrical power to the shower. The charger is connected to a standard household outlet, like phone chargers. With an average daily shower usage 15min, the modules need to be loaded every three months on average.

There are four configurations of colors: blue, red, green, and rainbow.
ShowerDrain E Walk-in
ACO ShowerDrain E Walk-in is the solution to the pre-shower area. Prevent slippery or wet floor and the type of obstacles like mat or rug.

The basis is made ​​of stainless steel, and polyurethane foam, having a drain or not. On the basis puts wooden covering. In offer we have two types: TEAK and LAPACHO.

Available sizes (cm): 70x76, 80x86, 90x96, 100x106 and 120x126.

The total height of only 6.1 cm.

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